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Take nine images, not ten or eight but nine - the upper limit of gestalt grouping. Create a layout or «knowledge-map» structured into an easily remembered instrumental [3][3] grid. Alpha-numerically order the grid according to the user's filename entries so the map elements can be arranged on the screen. E.G [[1] = a, [2] = b, [3] = c], [[4] = d, [5] = e, [6] = f], [[7]= g, [8] = h, [9] = I]]


I follow the menu items of Software like I followed the map of Delhi moving from place to place transfixed by the representation I see before me, while seeing nothing of the social geographies from which they were emerged and on which they act. I ignore the built-in bias - the implicit totalitarianism of prescribed functions and procedures - instead I am transfixed by the outcome of my interaction with applications. I forget the program in order to get on with this article so I can go home - love the wife - bath the boy - walk the dog.


Software construction: Note#5 February 99 (Content totalitarianism)

Software will be content totalitarianism. From software's initial layout, the software will enable you to create sixteen links from each map image to a sound, image, text, video clip or to other parts of the map or again to other maps and different scale views of the map with a single click. Reduce objectifying the interface to the user to the minimum. No menu items like File, Edit, View, and their subsets Cut, Paste, Save As, Open - all removed.


Although maps depict what is actually visible, they also visualise what is invisible in everyday experience and through the selectivity of the mapmaker, certain elements are shown and given relative importance whilst others are not. The map it seems is an abstract visual composition for finding my way round, a godly view from a vertical rather than horizontal plain, usually drawn at a constant scale across its surface. Software also attempts to visualise and structure creative processes and procedures along 9helpful : lines. It objectifies interface content for the user. Imposing invisible constructs within their work, reducing it to a series of binary choices that are hierarchically defined.

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