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The Archive, the Media, the Map and the Text
icon: authorRudolf Frieling

The artists ‹free› the images as much as the words of their original referential and indexical format to that of an original order, such that the new sense of order opens a new mode of reading. The generative nature of the text apparatus and the logic of the library (as storage space of all referential structures) transform the archive into a producer and into an archive of potential texts. From this perspective the data based archive presents itself no longer as a passive storage space, but rather as a place of action. Talk of a ‹storage› of knowledge is misleading since the case is rather that of a ‹generator› of knowledge. This essay deals with image storage and text processes, with data-mining and data-visualization, with maps and the impossible cartography of the world, that is to say with artistic and theoretical aspects of a dynamic, data based culture. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading The archive and the availability of knowledgeicon: heading Configuring knowledgeicon: heading Conditions of knowledgeicon: heading Distributing knowledgeicon: heading Databases as a cultural formicon: heading Universal image storeicon: heading Era of image exchangeicon: heading Mapping text and imageicon: heading Mapping texticon: heading Mapping imagesicon: heading Mapping as data displayicon: heading Alternative displaysicon: heading Mapping stategiesicon: heading Mapping as a collective processicon: heading The big pictureicon: heading Data-mining and the dynamic archive