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something like Photoshop or Director. We don't particularly want to knock these programs, but they're cultured up to be useful really only to experts.


February 2001 - lost somewhere in Delhi feeling well and thinking about this article. I pick up the map, a practical tool for merchants and governments to carve up territory for themselves and plan military campaigns. Wipe the scum of the city from my mind: a usual activity for most of us, a 9common sense : that can help amass someone an empire, a small business, transport people half way around the world against their will. This forgetting offers us a temporary blindness that allows us to go about our daily lives, walking past the rich-sick-homeless-no-hoper-beggars or the building built on the glories that meant other peoples' pain.


Software construction: Note#3 November 98 (Software a device for a subjective «Knowledge- Map»)

We need to make some sort of Subjective knowledge-maps that can draw together the invisible structure of


fear, lust and happiness that underpins our experience of the city. Fear imprisons people's divides up territory every bit as much as the very real razor wire you see on a ride around the city or the urinated lifts and deserted corridors of north London.


I now forget the map and remember the journey, as I also forget the software that wrote this text. It seems software exists in some form of invisible shadow world of procedure something like the key we find in maps. Software is establishing models by which things are done yet, like believing the objectivity of maps, we forget that software is derived from certain cultural, historical and economic trajectories. Software like the map can never just be a tool; in the invisibility of its construction it is always drawn and positioned.


Software construction: Note#4 January 99 (Software Basics)

In order to make Software work for as many people as possible, we need to explore creativity reduced to Selection, Naming and Linking - Try to illuminate everything else from the creative act.

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