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further to the advanced media possibilities of networking and interactivity.

Four contributions by artists let the vision-sound relation practice have a say, alongside theory. Markus Popp (Oval), Ulf Langheinrich (Granular Synthesis), Robert Lippok (to rococo rot) and Stephen Vitiello talk about their own work, about the general cultural and technical conditions and co-operation with other artists and art forms. They represent various sound-vision relation models: for Popp, the pathway leads from electronic music via his digital tools to the visual element; he also looks at linking questions about user ergonomics and the influence of software on creative processes. Lippok is also really a musician but also produces visual artworks and installations whose minimalism questions the all too easy combination of sound and vision. Langheinrich works on complex, sensory-technical interplay between optics and acoustics in audio-visual installations that are often overwhelmingly intensive. Vitiello started off by working as a musician with a large number of video artists, and thus found a way to his own audio art. This in fact remains purely acoustic, but always relates to inner


images. These artists' contributions emerged from the series of events at the HGB Leipzig [3] or from the «Son-Image» conference in Mexico City. Hence they are also part of «Media Art Net's» overall strategy, which is to achieve crossover between real and virtual space. What is so far the most advanced approach to this was developed in co-operation with the netzspannung platform in the ‹virtual studio›: an Online-Videolecture and a Hypermedia Tele-Lecture on Dieter Daniels' text «Sound & Vision in Avantgarde & Mainstream» as models for a possible further multi-media development of «Media Art Net.»