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Audiovisions. Music as an Intermedia Art Form.
icon: authorGolo Föllmer icon: authorJulia Gerlach

With the expansion of electronic media into ever more central positions in everyday and cultural life, music is becoming more heavily influenced by media phenomena, it makes more frequent use of media technologies for its conception and production, and it increasingly reflects the functioning and the effects of media. In the course of this development it has often been overlooked that the intermediality of music is not a consequence of the advance of technology, rather it is a phenomenon which is inherent in music itself and which is molded artistically in various ways. In line with this thesis, this essay systematically presents and examines the ways in which the avant-garde expose these essential features. Further, it explores the aesthetic relationships between visual and auditory elements within media art as well as the medial development of the concert format. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Mediality and Intermedialityicon: heading Notation and Visuality of the Musical Performanceicon: heading Intermediality in Music and Fine Articon: heading Intermediality in Experimentalismicon: heading Concert and Installationicon: heading Problems Listening to Electronic Musicicon: heading Intermedial Instrumental Playingicon: heading VJing in Clubsicon: heading Audiovisual Transformation: The Translation Problemicon: heading Synaesthesia, Analogyicon: heading Space, Color, Timeicon: heading Electrical and Digital Transformationicon: heading Technological Implicationsicon: heading Transfer of Artistic Techniques: Montage/Collageicon: heading Musical Wallpaper: Background Musicicon: heading The Soundtrack in Film and in Interactive Mediaicon: heading Acoustic Interfacesicon: heading The Dominance of the Imageicon: heading Music = Audiovision