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Themesicon: navigation pathSound and Imageicon: navigation pathAudiovisions
Audiovisions. Music as an Intermedia Art Form.
icon: authorGolo Föllmer icon: authorJulia Gerlach

Text Summary

Belle, bonne, sage (Cordier, Baude)Mo-No: Musik zum Lesen (Schnebel, Dieter)Audio Recordings of Great Works of Art (Osborn, Ed)The Box with the Sound of its Own Making (Morris, Robert)Fontana Mix (Cage, John), 1958Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (Cage, John), 1951Maxfeed (Neuhaus, Max)Studie I (Stockhausen, Karlheinz), 1953Kontakte (Stockhausen, Karlheinz), 1960Trombone Propelled Electronics (Collins, Nic)TV-Bra for Living Sculpture (Paik, Nam June; Moorman, Charlotte), 1969Fractal Flesh (Stelarc)MACH SIEBEN (Beil, Michael)Eyear (Battus, Pascal; Maad, Kamel)Deathsentences (Negativland)Promethée. Le Poème du feu (Skrjabin, Alexander), 1916Lichttempel (Wyschnegradsky, Ivan)Auditorium (Stockhausen, Karlheinz)Licht (Stockhausen, Karlheinz)Dream House (La Monte Young), 1962Klang Fluss Licht Quelle – Vierzig Säulen und ein Raum (Kubisch, Christina), 1999Skate (Schaefer, Janek)Tönende Ornamente (Fischinger, Oskar), 1932Anyware (van Belle, Guy)Wounded Man´yo 2/2000 (Tone, Yasunao)Code Switching (Rodriguez, Ana Maria)nebula.m81; Autonomous (Nezvanova, Netochka), 1999Telharmonium (Cahill, Thaddeus), 1906Theremin (Theremin, Leon)Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Paik, Nam June), 1963Weekend (Ruttmann, Walter), 1930Der Mann mit der Kamera (Vertov, Dziga), 1929Central Park in the Dark (Ives, Charles)Telefonkonzerte (unbekannt)Telharmonium (Cahill, Thaddeus), 1906Mood-Song (unbekannt)Nouvelle Vague (Godard, Jean-Luc)Koan (SSEYO)electrica (Skop)Small Fish (Furukawa, Kiyoshi; Fujihata, Masaki; Münch, Wolfgang), 1999