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Agonistics: A Language Game (Sack, Warren), 2004

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ZKM Karlsruhe on January 23 and 24, 2004, under the title «Media Art Net Lectures: Mapping.» [3] I am grateful to all speakers even though not every contribution could be selected for inclusion in the texts collected here, but Anne Nigten, Steve Dietz, Warren Sack and Brett Stalbaum provided important references and ideas for my introduction. [4] Warren Sack has developed a new online project, «agonistics—a language game», related to the topical field of «Public Sphere_s» but also addressing central questions relating to mapping, and so this co-operation has also generated fertile cross-links. The subject is far too extensive to be presented here in terms of its academic implications and applications in particular. [5] One remark may indicate the prospects for future research: in many classical and historical cases we repeatedly transfer images into texts, not least through our media or art-historical discourses, but the major role of our imaging processes today is to transfer data and theoretical models into images, thus making them comprehensible. The relations between data and images, between work and analysis, between geography and map, are central to the examination of this thematic field.