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Sound affects everything you see
icon: authorStephen Vitiello

The New York artist Stephen Vitiello tells of his development from the member of a punk band to an audio artist, and of his many years spent collaborating with artists such as Nam June Paik and Tony Oursler. In doing so, he views the Fluxus movement, video art and performance from the perspective of a musician: for him the history of American video art was always deeply connected with the history of bands and electronic music. He describes the interplay of image and sound as the difficult balancing act at the core of artistic collaborations. [more]more

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icon: heading Collaborations with Tony Ourslericon: heading The history of video is connected to soundicon: heading Sound affects everything you seeicon: heading A language for soundicon: heading Collaboration and hierarchyicon: heading Learning from Fluxusicon: heading Performanceicon: heading Installationsicon: heading Internet