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Visual Summary

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At best the walls will start to fluctuate and you'll notice the exterior space in the interior
icon: authorRobert Lippok

In conversation, Robert Lippok («Ornamentation and Crime», «to rococo rot») describes his development from the member of a GDR punk band to a visual artist. Whether in his musical or visual works, what play a major role are spontaneity, improvisation as an experimental working method, and taking hold of given situations. The conversation not only reflects upon Lippok's latest works in the artistic context, but also focuses on the change in his creative surroundings before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading The «Kölner Brett»: HOUSE MUSIC IN 12 MODULESicon: heading »Space to Face«icon: heading Weekend Remixicon: heading «Ornament und Verbrechen» (Ornament and Crime)icon: heading Field Recordingsicon: heading DORNBRACHTicon: heading Discussion