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Themesicon: navigation pathCyborg Bodiesicon: navigation pathUnruly Bodies
Unruly Bodies. The Effect Body As a Place of Resistance
icon: authorYvonne Volkart

Text Summary

The Office Killer (Sherman, Cindy)Technology / Transformation: Wonder Woman (Birnbaum, Dara), 1976Artificial Changelings (Dove, Toni), 1998Involuntary Reception (Lucas, Kristin), 2000Involuntary Reception (Lucas, Kristin), 2000Host (Lucas, Kristin), 1997White Trash Girl (Reeder, Jennifer), 1995Ever is Over All (Rist, Pipilotti), 1997Dollspace (da Rimini, Francesca)The Internal Organs of a Cyborg (Prophet, Jane), 1998Performing the Border (Biemann, Ursula), 1999Writing Desire (Biemann, Ursula), 2000Remote Sensing (Biemann, Ursula)