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Transgenic Bodies. Where Art and Science Meet: Genetic Engineering in Contemporary Art1 Art and science
icon: authorIngeborg Reichle

Contemporary artists have taken as their theme the effects of the «biological revolution» on people's self-image and on the multi-layered interrelations between art and genetics. However, in contrast to the first encounters between art and genetics in the early twentieth century, today these «scientific» images are decoded through the linking of art and the images of the life sciences and a new way of reading them results. Artists take the terminology of the sphere of art and apply it to the technically generated images of molecular biology or other life sciences, question their claim to «objectivity» and «truth,» and render them recognisable as a space where other fields of knowledge and cultural areas are also inscribed. The German and English text differ in wording, in fact are based on different publications by the author, but are closely related. [more]more

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