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Involuntary Reception (Lucas, Kristin), 2000

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various insights into the characters by walking up and down in front of the screen and by moving his/her hands and arms. The common and connecting element in this tripartite constellation is the aspect of movement, of penetrating the realm of the others, of networking with them. This causes the viewer to approach physically, to seek, grope, not know, in analogy to the excesses of the characters in the film. The interactive installation offers a setting calling for the (symbolic) identification with the two unruly women where it is not primarily political content that is at stake but the sabotaging policies (in the sense of "practices") of unconscious drives and desires of women in capitalism.

For quite some time the Hamburg artist Cornelia Sollfrank has been researching female hackers and found that hacking is a field completely under male domination. Nonetheless she was able to produce a series of several videos in which she interviewed female hackers. In December 1999 she came to know an American hacker who attended the annual hackers' convention held by the Chaos Computer Club. She did the video interview «Have Script, Will Destroy» with her


on condition that the woman code-named Clara G. Sopht remained anonymous and did not provide specific information about her work. The result is a highly theoretical interview about current forms of political resistance, undermined by seductively beautiful and enigmatically diffuse pictures of a women wearing sunglasses and a cap, moving around in a low-tech scenario. Again, what is missing here is the woman's concrete message; her representation as a reflexive agent involved in obscure political connections, claiming to hack the ideological bases of the information age, is more important. In her video project «Involuntary Reception», Kristin Lucas created the third type of female hacker mentality. In it Lucas plays a woman who is filmed from the front while she talks about herself and her life with a body surrounded by a huge electromagnetic power field (EPF). On the video, the field can be seen as a flashing jagged stripe in constant motion, and she is surrounded by some kind of a halo marking the power field. Wherever she is, she causes disturbances and interference in electronic equipment, which means that she cannot go anywhere without disrupting

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