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Conversation Map (Sack, Warren), 1997Agonistics: A Language Game (Sack, Warren), 20044'33'' (Cage, John), 1952Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (Cage, John), 1951Pockets Full of Memories (Legrady, George), 2001BumpList (Brandon / Brucker-Cohen)One Trees (Jeremijenko, Natalie), 2000Nine(9) (Harwood, Graham), 2003PDPal (Bleecker/Paterson/Zurkow), 2003Tapp- und Tastkino (Export, Valie (Höllinger, Waltraud)), 1968Amodal Suspension (Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael), 2003Vectorial Elevation (Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael), 1999Body Movies (Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael), 2001Peoples' Portrait (Zhang, Ga), 2004Access (Sester, Marie), 2003Electronic Café (Galloway, Kit; Rabinowitz, Sherrie), 1984netomat (Wisniewski, Maciej), 1999Kinetic Light Sculpture (Möller, Christian; Kramm, Rüdiger), 1992Enteractive (Electroland), 2005Blinkenlights (Chaos Computer Club e.V.), 2001IO_dencies (Knowbotic Research), 1997PDPal (Bleecker/Paterson/Zurkow), 2003Name.Space (Garrin, Paul), 1991Minds of Concern: Breaking News (Knowbotic Research), 2002Opus (Raqs Media Collective), 2001Swipe Bar (Swipe)Community Edit (Nold, Christian)