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Community Edit (Nold, Christian)

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science as well as for politics; they would make both suffocate. What we need is to be able to bring inside the assemblies divisive issues with their long retinue of complicated proof-giving equipment. No unmediated access to agreement; no unmediated access to the facts of the matter. After all, we are used to rather arcane procedures for voting and electing. Why should we suddenly imagine an eloquence so devoid of means, tools, tropes, tricks and knacks that it would bring the facts in the arenas through some uniquely magical transparent idiom? If politics is earthly, so is science… .» [50]

What are the «tools, tropes, tricks and knacks,» such as Christian Nold’s «Community Edit» (2003), software for distributed, collaborative editing of multiple, discrete video sources to create media-based community documentation of a public event, which create a public art for the public sphere? The question remains how that also leads to public knowledge and how this knowledge could be defined.