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Photo/Byte: Lecture series
Susanne Holschbach


In the winter semester 2004/05, Susanne Holschbach and Dieter Daniels curated and organized a series of lectures at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in which artistic positions and academic analyses with regard to the topic «Photo/Byte» were presented and discussed. The beginning of the series was marked by the event «The Screen as a Media Dispositive» with the artist Günther Selichar, in whose works the interface of the electronic screen is a substantial point of reference, and the art historian Anette Hüsch, who dealt with the history of the screen as a basic structure in the Western treatment of the image. A text version (Günther Selichar: Document and Abstraction) and a video stream (Günther Selichar: Presentation) of Selichar's lecture and presentation are available.

The second event in the series dealt with the border zone between the still and the moving image: animated film in the Internet. The media theorist Karin Wehn (University of Leipzig) presented phenomena such as Machinima films produced with computer games, or brick films animated with LEGO bricks (see Karin Wehn, Internet»«Film/Byte: Each His Own Producer. Animation in the Internet


and Karin Wehn: Film/Byte_Video Stream). On December 1, 2004, Susanne Holschbach, Dieter Daniels and the artist Jörg Sasse discussed the ways in which the photographic image reservoir is being dealt with in the digital age. Sasse's presentation can be viewed as a video stream (Coming up soon) as can a revised text version of the ensuing discussion (Rethinking Image Arrangements. Podium Discussion with Jörg Sasse, Dieter Daniels and Susanne Holschbach).

The field of tension between "Media Reality and Authentic Expression" was the theme of the event with the artist Isabell Heimerdinger, who in her photographic and filmic experimental set-ups plumbs the depths of the subtle differences between played and authentic behavior (presentation), and with the cultural and media scientist Kathrin Peters who starting out from Heimerdinger illuminated the medial difference between the photographic and the filmic and how they are being challenged in the digital age. The presentation and the statement were followed by a discussion between Isabell Heimerdinger, Kathrin Peters, Dieter Daniels, and Susanne Holschbach (December 13, 2004).