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Visual Summary

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icon: authorJens Schröter

The contribution deals with the connection between photography and the archive, one of the central parameters of the photographic age. This aspect is to be taken into consideration when the issue is the shift towards the so-called post-photographic age-because digitalization changes photography in particular with regard to the shift from storage to transmission, which is reflected in various artistic approaches. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Introduction: From the archive to transmissionicon: heading Form divorced from matter—The «monument archive photography»icon: heading The archive of art—The imaginary museumicon: heading Archive and art canonicon: heading The police archive—Criminal recordsicon: heading Walker Evans’ «dialogue with the empirical methods of the detective police»icon: heading The private archive—The family albumicon: heading Gerhard Richter's «Atlas»icon: heading The digitalization of the archiveicon: heading From image telegraphy to the calculable imageicon: heading Data compression/Original and copyicon: heading Intermediality/Rearranging the archiveicon: heading The permanence of the archive as permanent transformationicon: heading From criminal records to permanent video surveillanceicon: heading Publication of the privateicon: heading Alexandria and the avant-garde