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Television-Art or anti-art?
Conflict and cooperation between the avant-garde and the mass media in the 1960s and 1970s

icon: authorDieter Daniels

Text Summary

Was macht unsere heutigen Wohnungen eigentlich so anders, so anziehend? (Hamilton, Richard), 1956Hommage à John Cage; Musik für Tonbänder und Klavier (Paik, Nam June), 1959Williams Mix (Cage, John), 1952Random Access Music; Exposition of Music – Electronic Television (Paik, Nam June), 1963Television Décollage (Vostell, Wolf), 1963Do it yourself Dé-collage (Vostell, Wolf), 1963TV Burying (Vostell, Wolf), 1963TV-Décoll/age no. 1 (Vostell, Wolf), 1958Concetto spaziale (Fontana, Lucio), 1949Nein – 9 Decollagen (Vostell, Wolf), 1963Sun in Your Head (Vostell, Wolf), 1963Great American Nude #27 (Wesselmann, Tom), 1962Still Life # 28 (Wesselmann, Tom), 1963TV 1963 (Uecker, Günther), 1963Télévision (César (Baldaccini, César)), 1962La télévision dechiquetée ou l’anti-crétinisation (Das zerstückelte Fernsehen oder die Anti-Idiotisierung) (Isou, Isidore), 1962Auto-Vision (Gerstner, Karl), 1964o.T.; (aus der Serie Television Analyzations) (Thek, Paul), 1963Kennedy Suite (Hopper, Dennis)Leben mit Pop. Eine Demonstration für den Kapitalistischen Realismus (Richter, Gerhard; Lueg, Konrad), 1963Push and Pull. Eine Möbelkomödie für Hans Hofmann (Kaprow, Allan), 1963He, Joe (Beckett, Samuel), 1966The Medium Is the Medium (WGBH), 1969Die Fernsehgalerie (Schum, Gerry), 1968Black Gate Cologne (Piene, Otto; Tambellini, Aldo), 1968Radical Software (Korot/Schneider)Black Gate Cologne (Piene, Otto; Tambellini, Aldo), 1968The Medium Is the Medium (WGBH), 1969Hello (Kaprow, Allan), 1969Video Commune; Beatles from beginning to end - An experiment for television (Paik, Nam June; Jud Yalkut), 1965Paik/Abe Synthesizer (Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya), 1969Die Fernsehgalerie (Schum, Gerry), 1968Land Art (Schum, Gerry), 1969Identifications (Schum, Gerry), 1970Self Burial (Arnatt, Keith), 1969TV as a Fireplace (Dibbets, Jan), 1969The Endless Sandwich (Weibel, Peter), 1969Facing a Family (Export, Valie), 1971TV Interruptions; 7 TV Pieces (Hall, David), 1971Reverse Television (Viola, Bill), 1982Monodramas (Douglas, Stan), 1991Shoot (Burden, Chris), 1971TV Hijack (Burden, Chris), 1972Rape (Lennon, John; Ono, Yoko), 1969Chris Burden Promo (Burden, Chris), 1976Global Groove (Paik, Nam June), 1973The Medium Is the Medium (WGBH), 1969Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Paik, Nam June), 1984Wrap around the World (Paik, Nam June), 1988Rede in der Live-Satelliten-Sendung zur Eröffnung der documenta 6 (Beuys, Joseph), 1977Making Sense of it All (Blank & Jeron), 2000