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Interaction, Participation, Networking: Art and Telecommunication
icon: authorInke Arns

The following description concentrates less on media-oriented or technical conceptions of interactivity than on those projects conducted from the 1960s onward that highlighted the idea of social, gregarious interaction. These communication projects and processes, in whose course specific forms of interaction and concepts of interactivity developed, involved media- or computer-mediated human-to-human interaction aiming at the interconnection and cooperation of participants separated by vast physical distances. Today, the presented forms of art and interaction-from the closed-circuit work to interactive media-art installations to open processes-exist as parallel possibilities. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Reception, participation, interaction–from receptive to active participationicon: heading From the «open work» in happening and Fluxus (1960s) to the conditioned spectator (1970s)icon: heading Interactive media art in the 1980s and 1990sicon: heading Telematics and telepresenceicon: heading Electronic space as «communications sculpture»icon: heading Satellite projectsicon: heading Social networking, participationicon: heading Context-based systems, communication platforms and digital citiesicon: heading Collective and collaborative authoring in telecommunications projectsicon: heading From the «large» analog media of the late 1980s to the «small» digital media of the 1990s: Spatial and network interconnectionsicon: heading Open source, open text, open theory: Open and participatory (co-)writing projects on the WWWicon: heading Participation and interaction in a telematic culture