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Themesicon: navigation pathCyborg Bodiesicon: navigation pathMonstrous Bodies
Monstrous Bodies: The Disarranged Gender Body as an Arena for Monstrous Subject Relations
icon: authorYvonne Volkart

Text Summary

Klone #92 (Huber, Dieter), 2000Sibylle (Breuning, Olaf), 1997Group (Breuning, Olaf), 2001Durchströmung II (Müller, Victorine), 2004Family Romance (Ray, Charles), 1993Faith, Honor and Beauty (Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy), 1992Thank you Tighmaster (van Lamsweerde, Inez), 1993The Forest (van Lamsweerde, Inez), 1995Grosse Spiegel werden verloren. Informationen von Abwesenheit, damit Anwesenheit entstehen kann. (Netzhammer, Yves), 2000Again & Again/The Border (Melhus, Bjørn), 1998Dandy Dust (Scheirl, Hans), 1998Dollspace (da Rimini, Francesca)Host (Lucas, Kristin), 1997Come to Daddy (Cunningham, Chris), 1997The Mutant  Genome Project (Piccinini, Patricia), 1994Protein Lattice (Piccinini, Patricia), 1997