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Acousmêtrie - On the Relationship between Voice and Image in the Films of Chris Marker
icon: authorMichael Wetzel

Text Summary

Zapping Zone Installation (Marker, Chris), 1990Level 5 (Marker, Chris), 1997Immemory (Marker, Chris), 1997Sans soleil (Marker, Chris), 1983Sans soleil (Marker, Chris), 1983M; Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (Lang, Fritz), 1931Sans soleil (Marker, Chris), 1983Level 5 (Marker, Chris), 1997Lettre de Sibérie (Marker, Chris), 1958Sans soleil (Marker, Chris), 1983Lettre de Sibérie (Marker, Chris), 1958Level 5 (Marker, Chris), 1997Lettre de Sibérie (Marker, Chris), 1958Tokyo-Ga (Wenders, Wim), 1985