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Read_me, run_me, execute_me. Code as Executable Text: Software Art and its Focus on Program Code as Performative Text
icon: authorInke Arns

The differences between, as well as the very few overlapping points within, the texts show how complex and wide-ranging this still young field of work is, and identify aspects that need to be elucidated; these emerge not least from terminological definitions and differentiations. Inke Arns' text points out sceptically how the term ‹generative art› has become fashionable in the last two years, appearing in contexts as different as academic discourses, media art festivals, architecture practices and design conferences. Here the term is often used if not as a synonym for software art, then without any clear differentiation from it. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading Generative art ≠ Software articon: heading Dragan Espenschied/ Alvar Freudeicon: heading textz.comicon: heading Software Articon: heading Performance of code vs. the fascination with the generative,icon: heading Program Code as Performative Texticon: heading How To Do Things With Wordsicon: heading Code as a mobilisation and/or immobilisation systemicon: heading Focus on an invisible performativityicon: heading Codeworks: "M @ z k ! n 3 n . k u n z t . m2cht . fr3!"icon: heading mezicon: heading Netochka Nezvanovaicon: heading Performativity and Totality of Genotexts