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retroYou r/c: FCK TH RED GRAVITY CODE (Leandre, Joan), 2000

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corresponded well to computer game aesthetics. When we found the game «Duke Nukem3D,» which had a level editor, we decided to transform the actual space into a game environment.» Since then, he has frequently re-arranged this work, under the title «Museum Meltdown,» for other exhibition venues, including, among others, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Center for Contemporary Art in Vilnius which were designed with the «Warcraft» level editor for the game «Doom.» The artists have emphatically pointed out that they also view their project as a commentary on the «art world operating system» (Thomas Wulffen): «The range of human interactions in our game is very limited, the rewriteable program code of the game contains the basic lab for understanding the art world through game theory.»[19]

Jodi: «SOD» (1999)

Jodi has subjected the game «Quake» to a radical treatment, resulting in all objective details and all textures being removed, with only abstract symbols remaining. This precursor of «Quake,» which was also developed by id Software, is now reduced to just a mysterious black and white landscape in which only rarely can be seen what is being hunted or what is blocking the way. The castle


with the intertwined passageways, through which the player has to find his way, looks like a gallery in which only copies of Kasimir Malevitch's «Black Square» are hanging on the walls; Nazis have become black triangles—they are recognizable because they occasionally yell «Achtung!» Of all the game modifications that Jodi has produced, it is the graphical aspects that are the most reduced. At the same time however, the mechanics of play of the original game are respected. «SOD» is quite playable and is really «fun to play,» as the reviews in the computer game magazines have so often noted. In addition, the game is Jodi's hommage to the programmers at id Software for technical breakthroughs that they have achieved by creating threedimensional spaces on PCs.

Joan Leandre: «retroYou r/c» (2000)

In «retroYou r/c» Joan Leandre has reprogrammed a race in several levels, and changed the rules by which space, movement, gravity etc. are simulated. The game, in the original form of which, small, remote-controlled cars had to be steered through an American suburb, is only recognizable as such in the first few versions. Later modifications become increasingly more abstract and the game

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