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What is Computer Art? An attempt towards an answer and examples of interpretation
icon: authorMatthias Weiss

In the classical art system, no notice is usually taken of the fact the computer was and is a tool and component of art, and that it has been so for as long as the machine itself has existed. A reappraisal of this history, dealing with embedding in the art-historical context, is still desirable-Matthias Weiß asserts this in «What is Computer Art?». He therefore comes up with two incentives for art history to address computer art: he explains the historical nature of the phenomenon, and he also stresses the role of description, in order to indicate that differentiation is possible only after detailed consideration, without which comparable features of older and more recent works cannot emerge to open up the possibility of a deeper understanding of computer art. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading A. Towards an Ahistorical Assessment of the Computer Art Sceneicon: heading B. Descriptive Analysisicon: heading 1. George Nees: «Schotter »icon: heading C. Software Art – Computer Articon: heading 1. Alex McLean: «Forkbomb»icon: heading 2. Adrian Ward: «Auto-Illustrator»icon: heading D. Conclusions