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Forkbomb (McLean, Alex), 2001

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which has been written in subconsciously is subjected to increasing restrictions. It completely determines the appearance of the image and, through its meaning, constitutes a constructive means of exchange itself (Nees). The modern experience of contingency is a condition for the sensation of freedom in the installation by Krueger. The «Forkbomb» can also be understood as a random generator. As its core functions, «Auto-Illustrator» possesses generative elements. The computer art of the present creates more room for interpretation than would have been the case in the early years. The essential means of interpreting works of art was description. It is thus clear that description, even in the case of computer art, produces differences and therefore meaning, because it establishes comparability. It therefore makes sense to speak of computer art and not software art. A history of computer art must therefore move forward in an integrating fashion by describing and interpreting its subjects, and not merely by contextualizing them.